Revive, Tackling Sustainability In Consumer Electronics, Exploratory Design Concept


Tackling Sustainability In Consumer Electronics


Inspired by working with electronics remanufacturing specialists Regenersis, the KD team wanted to explore how design thinking can offer sustainable solutions in the area of consumer electronics.  The challenge was to create new models, allowing electronic products to keep pace with technological developments as well as consumer expectations.


The Revive concept, based on a design for a smartphone, proposes a new business model for sales, service, support and upgrade of fast-moving consumer electronics.  The Revive smartphone aims to provide people with the latest technology by allowing existing hardware to be upgraded.

Revive video - diagnostics and upgrade processPlay video illustrating how the upgrade process might work (opens in new window)

The system is made technically and commercially viable with sophisticated diagnostics and remanufacturing methods, supported by modern super-efficient logistics.  The design encompasses materials which age gracefully and a service model with a membership scheme which rewards users who keep their products longer.



The Revive concept challenges the inevitability of obsolescence in consumer electronics.  This includes thinking related to software as well as hardware.

Revive smartphone user interface conceptPlay video exploring how the user interface might be used to create a longer-lasting relationship between consumer and product (opens in new window).

Kinneir Dufort wish to use the Revive mobile phone concept to engage with all stakeholders within the consumer electronic sector including: consumers, manufacturers, retailers, service providers, and remanufacturers. The goal is to promote a debate and also to pro-actively encourage the development of new, more environmentally and commercially sustainable products, services and business models.

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