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Five Factors Influencing Product Design in 2019

As the principle of “value” continues to evolve for brands, corporations and consumers, here are five factors that we at KD believe will continue to grow in importance within Product Design in 2019 (as published in the Design Week top 100 survey 2018-2019)

Merle Hall CEO
CES Healthcare Review 2019

What happened in Vegas: CES 2019 Healthcare Round-up

During its 51-year history the Consumer Electronics Show has mirrored the growing influence and fascination in technology in the products that surround us. Whilst “consumer” products, such as TVs, phones, and voice assistants from the big players including Samsung, Sony, Google and Amazon continue to be the focus of attention, the growing prevalence of healthcare products seen in recent years continued at this year’s show. With the dust now settled on CES 2019, we take a look at key themes and notable products in health and wellbeing.

Craig Wightman CDO

Batteries Not Included

The proliferation of connectivity into the world around us continues to accelerate with the IoT market set to grow to $457Bn by 2020. In industrial applications, this connectivity makes it possible for devices to remotely monitor anything from air quality to machine performance delivering valuable data in real-time.

James Holmes Head of Electronics & Software
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