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A sustainable partnership

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Kinneir Dufort and 3Keel, a specialist sustainability consultancy.

Both Kinneir Dufort and 3Keel are focused on designing a better world; and together, we’ve defined programmes delivering expertise in pack and product development with sustainability know-how and metrics to offer a truly holistic expert vision.

This is a challenging time for business, as they navigate the complex sustainability landscape and what opportunities coexist for them and their consumers. By combining KD’s and 3Keel’s experience and expertise, we can offer our clients deep and tangible understanding, whilst delivering compelling creative and technical solutions to market

Merle Hall


This partnership with KD brings creative, technical, and detailed product design expertise to complement 3Keel’s lifecycle approach to sustainability solutions. Most excitingly, working together we can help to rapidly move clients to launching more sustainable product and packaging innovations

Simon Miller

Managing Partner at 3Keel

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