Richard Warwick Industrial Portfolio Manager

Award winning collaboration

Kinneir Dufort are proud to have partnered with Thales and Williams Advanced Engineering to help create a new biological surveillance system for the UK Ministry of Defence.

The system, known as the Biological Surveillance and Collector System (BSCS), was a successful collaboration for Thales with experts that included Kinneir Dufort and Williams Advanced Engineering, to design a unit that uses specialist sensors and evaluating equipment to detect air-borne, attacking biological particles such as viruses.

BSCS has recently been awarded the Minister for Defence Procurement Acquisition Award, recognising BSCS for its excellence in delivering a ‘world leading and unique’ system to protect UK Armed Forces from the threats of biological attacks.

Kinneir Dufort (KD) was responsible for designing the Filter Consumable in the system, a key element designed to capture, hold safe, and release into liquid form potentially dangerous biological particles for analysis. This required the device to function within the collector designed by Williams and within the biological laboratory environment, also part of the capability. A multidisciplinary team from KD that included mechanical engineering, human factors, prototyping and manufacturing, developed the filter consumable from initial work flows, from the generation of multiple concept options, detail development, prototyping and through to validation and manufacture. The work was centred around the Filter Consumable and also included transportation, handling and process caseworks, jigs and fixtures.

Phil Walsh, Head of Engineering at Kinneir Dufort:

“Our user centred approach and wide range of product development expertise and experience, is ideal for responding to challenges such as the Filter Consumable for BSCS. The ability to create an integrated expertise team from within KD, who worked in close collaboration with Thales and partner teams, was crucial to the success of the project”

Gareth Williams, Vice President of Thales UK’s Security business:

“We are delighted to have delivered the first of 6 systems to the UK MOD which have a world class detection capability.

Our team has developed this leading edge biological surveillance capability through excellent cooperation with the experts at Dstl and DE&S and technical partners such as Williams and Kinneir Dufort. Working together with a strong UK supply chain – including SMEs – has been key to its success.

The BSCS system has also been designed for civil applications such as the protection of major sporting events and large scale public gatherings and I look forward to seeing it develop a strong export pedigree in due course.”

Kinneir Dufort are truly delighted to have helped design this pioneering system in collaboration with an award-winning team of engineering experts from Thales and Williams Advanced Engineering.

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