Innovation is vital for staying ahead in highly competitive and dynamic market places, yet it is full of uncertainty. Our front-end innovation team help tackle the broad challenges that all businesses face: How do we create differentiation in the market place? How do we grow? How do we define a longer term vision and the future innovation pipeline? What are our next big ideas?

We approach these complex challenges from multiple perspectives using a unique blend of strategic, technical, insightful and creative skills. Our range of programmes will suit a variety of challenges, from kick-starting the innovation journey, looking for new market opportunities, identifying future innovation pipelines, to our ‘momentum’ innovation accelerator that can help rapidly iterate ideas for product planning.

We form meaningful partnerships with our clients, accompanying them on their innovation journey and building confidence in new ideas through collaborative thinking and targeted stakeholder engagement. We nurture the ideas that will lead to differentiation and growth and we support projects into design and development activities that help deliver real market impact.