Product Design

Product design is central to our heritage and much of our current work. At its heart is a fundamental skill of understanding user needs, and translating them into a compelling product form and function. 

These days, the definition of product design has increasingly blurred edges. A product may be a physical device, but it may also be embodied as a digital interface. It may be a brand experience, an item of clothing, or a new technology made human and relevant through its design. It may need to excite and engage consumers in a new way, or it may need to reassure professional users of its quality, robustness and reliability. This myriad of needs and possibilities constantly stimulates us, and our experience of medical, consumer and industrial markets, allows us to cross-fertilise ideas for the benefit of our clients.

Our versatile and experienced team have the curiosity and enthusiasm to creatively explore new challenges, the craft to shape design solutions, from a first sketch to a compelling visual or animation, and the experience of materials, technologies, processes and manufacturing to deliver winning results.