Our team at the Kinneir Dufort Technology Centre have a broad skillset and extensive experience in analogue, digital, system and software design. We develop products and systems that interface the analogue world of sensors, actuators, instrumentation and wireless, with the digital world of microprocessors, high speed field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and systems on chip.

From new micro-power sensing techniques, through to ultrasonic particle manipulation and the latest globally connected devices, we have added value and ingenuity to some of the most innovative and challenging product developments.

Whether working on rapid development at the prototyping stage, or advancing to a fully verified, production-ready solution, we work collectively with colleagues and importantly, our clients, to deliver the functionality they require. We can structure a development programme against detailed specifications or work together flexibly, using agile methodologies to allow a level of ‘evolution’ within agreed costs and timeframes.

With a strong pedigree in technical design across a range of market sectors, from medical to defence, we ensure appropriate and robust solutions, developed in accordance with international standards and guidelines.