On May 3rd, we hosted the first ever regional Kerning the Gap (KTG) event, here at the Kinneir Dufort (KD) Head Office.

Founded by Nat Maher in 2015, Kerning The Gap is a collective of like-minded people who want to see more women in design leadership roles, hear their voices and be inspired to create change.

When starting her new leadership role as MD at Good, Nat had been asking herself the question, "Where have all the women gone?" There appeared to be a severe shortage of women in senior leadership roles, across the design industry and KTG wants to discover why and how we can collectively change this.

With an expert panel consisting of Nat Maher herself, Emma Hopton (Chair of West of England Design Forum) and our very own Craig Wightman (Executive Design Director, KD) and Merle Hall (Managing Director, KD), Nat began with an introduction to the project and startling statistics:


70% of design students are female.

Only 11% are in creative director roles.


KD Merle Hall Debate


Following on from this was a lively panel discussion with around 50 attendees from the design world, consisting of junior designers, freelancers and CEO’s, all sharing their experiences.

The discussions highlighted vast differences in people's experiences and thoughts on why women are not represented enough in those senior design roles. Suffice to say it's a conversation we should be having across the design world, whether male or female!

Here at Kinneir Dufort we are committed to helping and enabling Kerning the Gap to roll out regionally and reach out to local businesses, getting everyone involved in this conversation. In fact, Merle will be taking the role as a lead mentor for the KTG program.

In the words of Nat Maher: “This is your battle not mine, this is for all of us.”

Let’s do this!  

Kinneir Dufort KTG Debate