Introducing this year’s RSA Student Design Award Winners


We are delighted to announce the winners of the ‘Wearing Intelligence’ brief for the RSA Student Design Awards 2016/17.

Three applicants truly stood out as excellent to all judges, two winning themselves a cash prize and one winning a three-month work placement here at Kinneir Dufort.  

And the winners are…

Winner of the paid placement at Kinneir Dufort:

Michael Soper, University of the West of England “Felicitate”

Kinneir Dufort Michael Soper

FELICITATE: a new breed of catheter that gives the user the freedom, discretion and dignity they would have without one. Felicitate uses electro-active polymers to pump fluid out of an evacuation pipe placed in the underwear, enabling them to easily empty it into the toilet themselves.

Kinneir Dufort Felicitate

Joint Winner of the Eddie Squires Award of £1500:

Nataliya Savicheva, British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow

カメレオン Kamereon: a wearable game that utilises smart shoes (that change pattern and texture depending on the wearer’s activity), fashion and geodata to motivate teens to go outside, exercise and socialise.

Kinneir Dufort Kamereon

Joint Winner of the Eddie Squires Award of £1500

Dominik Falconi, Denisse Rodriguez + Jose Ortiz, Tecnológico de Monterrey - Campus Puebla, Mexico

RISE: an intelligent carpet for growing crops in refugee camps to boost resources and restart economic flow. RISE is specifically designed for use in non-fertile humanitarian crisis regions; it is made from 100% biodegradable materials, contains locals seeds and liquid filters, and relies solely on human urine as the liquid source.

Kinneir Dufort RISE


Kinneir Dufort would like to congratulate everyone for getting so far and we are looking forward to welcoming Michael to the KD team later this year.


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