Kinneir Dufort beefs up its brand and packaging punch


Kinneir Dufort beefs up its brand and packaging punch

David ‘Bic’ Bicknell is Kinneir Dufort's new Associate Head of Brand & Packaging.

With over 20 years’ experience in packaging design and development and a proven track record in creating memorable and successful brand experiences, Bic brings considerable additional force to Kinneir Dufort's existing offer to FMCG clients.  With a strong belief that people build relationships with consumer brands through their combined experience of the product and packaging, Bic is excited about harnessing Kinneir Dufort's combination of creative and technical packaging design skills to reinforce brand recognition, core brand truths and key brand values.

Design Director Craig Wightman welcomes Bic to the team:

Having known him and respected his work for many years, we're delighted to have the opportunity to integrate Bic's knowledge, experience and creative energy into the Kinneir Dufort team.