PD+I Sensorial design kinneir dufort


Kinneir Dufort set to delight your business senses at PD+I 2015

In an increasingly saturated and undifferentiated FMCG marketplace, Brands are always looking at new ways to stand out from their imitable crowd.

Everyone is looking for the FMCG Packaging undiscovered design nuggets that could create a compelling point of difference, but how can we pre-empt the consumer’s desires in ways that they haven’t yet comprehended? Sensorial design and associated semiotic studies are being utilised and leveraged through designs, but at what compromise?

Kinneir Dufort's Client Services Director Merle Hall will be discussing this question and asking a lot more of sensorial design and its potential impact on the consumer and Brand relationship.

Merle has been with Kinneir Dufort since 2009, bringing a wealth of design consultancy knowledge in Strategy, Branding across Product and Pack focusing on FMCG and Consumer sectors. Merle combines her 16 years consultancy experience alongside best practice in strategically creating, challenging and developing brands to deliver genuine differentiation, optimization and insight-driven commercial results, working with clients such as Beiersdorf, Unilever, Coca Cola and Mars.

Merle Hall "FMCG Sensorial design with a sharp business edge?" 3:00pm, May 21st

PD+I, Product Design Innovation 2015, 20-21 May, American Square Conference Centre, Tower Hill, London