Leveraging Technology for Brands


Design Business Association Member Breakfast

On July 7th Kinneir Dufort will be in London to share advice and guidance with designers, brands and technologists on the complex, but pivotal role technology plays in the relationship between brand, product and the consumer.

Supported by the Design Business Association (DBA) Craig Wightman Design Director, and Paul Jennings, Head of Technology, will be delivering a talk explaining how designers can incorporate technology into the work they do for clients and brands, and the value this can add.

In this connected world, brands need to be technologically ahead to keep up with their millennial, inquisitive customers and are increasingly asking for technology to be integrated into their brand products in order to forge a secure future for their businesses.

But what does that mean to designers who support these brands? How does it affect the design process? And, most importantly of all, where does one begin in unravelling the information surrounding technology to allow you to see where technology is of real value and where to harness technology to a brand’s advantage?

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