Are you ready to take research to a whole ‘New Level’?


Calling all Brand Mangers and R&D leaders! We invite you to join us on our research quest ‘New Levels’ designed to explore new ways to uncover fresh insight. Subverting and questioning research as you know it, the process aims to unearth insights to help Brands define products and packaging solutions of the future.

Brands have to work hard today to create meaningful, differentiated products and packaging solutions. Understanding what consumers need and want has always been important, now more than ever.  

However, traditional research methods are not always up to the job when it comes to informing and inspiring the creative process.  Even with the growth of online and real time research, brands often find it hard to come up with insight and inspiration that really leads to new thinking.  Without fresh approaches to discovering consumer insight, Brands can get left behind and forgotten and we hope to prevent this.  

In today’s world where everyone is a specialist, what is often missed is the benefit of looking at a challenge from different angles, from applying methods and principles from one discipline and using it in another, completely unrelated one.  This is something that comes naturally to us at Kinneir Dufort.  Our diversity of expertise allows us to look at a challenge from insight, creative and technical angles simultaneously.  

In our Insight work, we take this philosophy further, and extend out to other industries and schools of thought.  For our most complex insight challenges, we look both internally and externally to see what we can learn and apply from other fields. This is especially true where what we are looking to understand and create has aspects that are intangible: emotional rather than rational, experiential rather than functional, multi-sensorial rather than cognitive.

This year we are pushing boundaries with our most complex briefs and introducing new research methods and approaches that are influenced by a diverse set of disciplines from philosophy to media to clinical psychology and mindfulness.

We are looking for brands to join us on this journey and trial new approaches to help create truly meaningful products, services and experiences for their customers.

For more information, contact Kate Leckie, Head of Research