Binggrae MyStraw | Milking it, Korean Style!


Korean dairy and snacks company, Binggrae, have launched a new advertising campaign for their iconic banana milk featuring a range of drinking straw products designed by Kinneir Dufort in partnership with Seoul agency Innored.

Targeted at Millennials, to reinvigorate interest in the brand, the straws inject a new sense of fun and occasion into a well-established and much loved traditional product. The five new products are:

Love straw: Designed for two people to share the same drink, cheek to cheek together, creating the perfect selfie moment.

Multi straw: How many can you drink?! A modular straw that allows you to drink from multiple banana milk packs at the same time. Each straw attaches to the other, allowing you to build as many as you can hold.

Ringer straw: Referencing banana milk’s resuscitative qualities, this playfully allows the milk to be delivered in a similar way to that of an IV drip.

Spicy extinguisher: Perfect for cooling the palette whilst eating Korea’s delicious spicy food, this fun “extinguisher” can be used to spray milk around the whole mouth.

Cool Steel Straw: Chill this high-quality, precision-made, stainless steel straw for an enhanced, cool, drinking experience (designed by Innored).

Using in-house design, engineering and prototyping capabilities, Kinneir Dufort developed the designs and produced food-safe prototypes in just 6 weeks to meet the campaign deadlines. The products are currently being prepared for production launch.

The project represents another successful collaboration between Kinneir Dufort and Innored, following previous winning campaigns for Huggies, GMarket and Chung Jung One.