Creating a seamless direct-to-consumer experience


The convergence of digital and physical worlds provides brands with an unimaginable opportunity to enhance consumer experience. However today, with such a stretch of touchpoints, it can leave a fractured journey memorable for the wrong reasons. Particularly where it might be unchartered territory to traditional well-established companies.

The agility of start-ups, notably within the subscription direct-to-consumer (DTC) services, has seen a new wave of brands take on established large scale companies. They are successfully gaining loyalty and business from millennials and Gen Z.

Worlds that were once distinctly separate have begun to blur, and those brands that successfully orchestrate their intended brand experience are set to win the experience economy battle.

Kelly Dawson will be sharing on Tuesday 21st November at Food Matters Live, how packaging design can help to create a seamless experience in DTC product services. Outlining what this could mean for brands and future business growth. Click here to find out more about this Food Matters Live event.

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Kelly Dawson at Food Matters Live