Kinneir Dufort Cambridge to chair global leaders in two days of debate on injectable drug delivery


Gregory Berman, Head of Medical at Kinneir Dufort Cambridge, is chairing Management Forum’s injectable drug delivery conference and will be joined at the conference by Tony Bedford, Head of Medical Business Development at Kinneir Dufort Cambridge.

Dr Berman has led and worked on the development of a number of drug delivery devices, on behalf of some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and for privately backed start-ups.

Dr Berman comments: 

The market for injectable drug delivery is evolving fast as the industry pipeline of biologics matures and they secure leading positions as the world’s largest selling drugs, by value.  The vast majority of biologic drugs have to be injected, as they would be destroyed in the stomach if taken orally.

Whilst injections will never be particularly popular with the patient, there are now devices now which can inject large volumes of drug and devices which communicate usage and promote adherence.

The regulatory agencies are placing great emphasis on device usability to ensure that devices are proven to be safe and capable of being used by the intended patient group.”

Please contact Tony Bedford or Gregory Berman to discuss your device development needs