The Power of Cloud Computing

Start-up technology partner Virtuosys had an idea to bring the power of cloud computing closer to the edge, to enable companies to connect to their customers more effectively. This idea was realised using a custom hardware platform, with bespoke software, revolutionizing the way applications are developed, deployed and scaled.

In order to bring the idea to life, we undertook a fast track development programme closely aligned with Virtuosys’ electronics design team. KD defined the industrial design scheme and developed the concept through to manufacture.  Virtuosys benefited from our integrated service, taking advantage of our thermal analysis, prototyping and rapid manufacturing techniques to create a fresh, innovative new product.

Within ten weeks of project start, KD delivered injection moulded enclosures allowing the new design to be showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The final design aligns with Virtuosys’ brand identity and establishes a scalable platform for future developments. 

Kinneir Dufort Virtuosys