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Batteries Not Included

The proliferation of connectivity into the world around us continues to accelerate with the IoT market set to grow to $457Bn by 2020. In industrial applications, this connectivity makes it possible for devices to remotely monitor anything from air quality to machine performance delivering valuable data in real-time.

James Holmes Head of Electronics & Software
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Pioneering Curiosity: A ‘New Design Magazine’ Feature

Two behaviours we actively encourage at Kinneir Dufort are curiosity and a pioneering spirit.   Whilst we constantly deploy these attributes on our client work, we also regularly define self-initiated projects to develop and express these.

Kerry Briggs Head of Medical
Is Plastic Really the Problem?

Is Plastic Really the Problem?

Plastics can reasonably claim to be one of the most significant materials of the last 100 years. Plastics surround us in our daily lives, in the form of durable products, toys, clothing, and, most ubiquitously, packaging. However, we’re falling out of love with this most versatile of materials.

Kelly Dawson Head of Insights and Innovation