Merle Hall CEO

Five factors influencing product design in 2019

As the principle of “value” continues to evolve for brands, corporations and consumers, here are five factors that we at KD believe will continue to grow in importance within Product Design in 2019 (as published in the Design Week top 100 survey 2018-2019):


There is an increasing need for simplified, intuitive products in a complex world. We’ll see a growing need for straightforwardness and clarity of authentic brand purpose, which will resonate through compelling product experiences.


We expect to see much more technology-enabled, added value connected systems being designed and adopted throughout 2019. There will be growing opportunities for products and services via greater technology adoption with an ageing population, shifts in global macroeconomic growth and growing middle classes.


There is an increasing need for design thinking to reach beyond the remit of product design, (or other “established” design disciplines). We will need to add value to business with innovative and new creative approaches to problem solving. The World Economic Forum recognised this in their 2016 and 2018 reports, where creativity was forecast to rise from 10th in 2015, to 3rd by 2022, as the essential skill required to respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Expect to see a rising number of manufacturing systems enabling increasingly targeted and personalised products. Direct to Consumer channels will help in facilitating product personalisation in record response times.


We are going to see a continuing and ever increasing focus on plastics, energy, water, material reduction, reuse and recycling. This will be top of mind for 2019 and heavily influenced by anticipated legislation changes and growing consumer disquiet.

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