Elena Massucco Head of Consumer

When Digital Meets Physical

One of my first memories as a child, is looking up at the counter in my local village shop and getting a free sweet from the clerk. I remember the metal counter, the yellow apron of the clerk, the sound of the jar opening, the feeling of the sugar coating in my mouth and the cold breeze coming from the door when another customer ventured into the shop. Those sensorial memories are intrinsically linked to the emotional sensations I experienced, of gratitude, happiness and joy for the unexpected gesture. Fast forward 30 years and I look at a bunch of flowers delivered through my letterbox, that a wonderful friend in Australia has sent me for my birthday. Another joyful and unexpected gesture. However, this time I did not go into a shop; no one did.

The Digital Revolution

Today we are witnessing an unprecedented level of change; the way we experience the known world is transforming at an extraordinary pace. Certainly, the digital revolution is the most radical change in human history since the Industrial Revolution and this is shaping the way we interact with people, the planet and all facets of everyday life.

At Kinneir Dufort, we acknowledge that this new era of digital transformation is impacting the way we need to look at the problems and challenges our clients are facing. Consumer behaviour is continually evolving and consequently, so must the way in which we design product and brand experiences.

Fundamental Questions

“Questions enable us to organise the way we deal with the unknown. Questions are how many things begin”

Warren Berger

As the line between physical and digital is constantly blurring, we ask ourselves fundamental questions:

  • How will our interaction with products evolve?
  • How are our shopping habits changing?
  • How will ecommerce change the way we interact with brands?

This in turn, leads us to innovation.

Anticipate and Be Ready

Thinking in this way can be the catalyst for much needed change. As a partner to our clients, we are constantly asking ourselves these questions in order to understand how these shifts in our world are impacting in the way we innovate, design, strategise, create and develop. Put simply, we must anticipate and be ready for these fundamental changes.

In the coming months, we will share our thinking around these emerging spaces. We will be providing expert input from across Kinneir Dufort and share with you the most up to date news around these changes; so that you and your business can join us in this exciting and challenging journey.

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