Head of Digital Product

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Head of Digital Product

We’re looking for an individual that can spearhead our digital offering. Someone with a clear understanding of the opportunities available when physical product design meets the digital space, and who can articulate these opportunities to clients and teams in an inspirational and compelling manner.

The right candidate will have at least 8 years’ experience, demonstrating a deep understanding of digital product process, with the ability to identify the capabilities required to undertake projects and expand and build a team around that.

You’ll need to work with and lead truly cross-disciplinary project teams, involving colleagues from the digital design, industrial design, mechanical engineering, research, human factors and electronics and software domains.

You’ll be expected to undertake and oversee project work; this includes UX work, visual design and the creation and development of prototypes of varying fidelity for web and mobile applications.

As a member of the senior team, you will also need to manage budgets and resourcing write proposals and manage client relationships superlatively.

You could come from a variety different backgrounds – graphic, user experience, digital or service design, product management or another relevant background. What’s important is that you have experience working on and leading the development of digital products and can use this experience to speak authoritatively and inspirationally with clients and internal teams.

Key skills and experience

  • Well trained eye for UI design – you’ll be expected to assess and feedback on design direction, helping to shape the look and feel of projects
  • Experience developing visual design systems and pattern libraries for web and mobile applications
  • Experience in UX design, working to understand user needs, developing information architectures and working up wireframes.
  • Experience with visual design and prototyping software, including but not limited to Sketch, Invision, Zeplin and Axure.
  • Ability to quickly prototype interactions using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Experience with Unity, Processing and/or Openframeworks is desirable.

Key Responsibilities

Digital champion

Making a digital design domain accessible to all areas of the business and clients. Inspiring people internally and externally to understand and explore how digital design can bring value to their projects

  • Working with wider KD team to identify where and how a digital design domain can complement their own
  • Expanding the understanding across KD of the potential of digital design and how it can be used in projects
  • Building, developing and inspiring a team of world-class digital designers and creatives
  • Setting, sharing and overseeing robust project process
  • Growing digital design resources to meet project demand

Business development

Working with sector heads to service and grow existing clients, demonstrating KD’s digital capability to clients through insights, exploratory conversations and proposals.

  • Working with domain leads to understand where opportunities might lie with existing clients
  • Working with technology and development teams to identify and understand technologies/ideas that could be applied to existing clients
  • Securing resource to ideate and prototype demos targeted to new or existing clients
  • Working with appropriate team to organise roadshow/demos to showcase capabilities to clients
  • Inspire clients to understand the potential benefits of working with KD digital design team

Thought leadership

Develop and communicate thought leadership in digital and related emerging fields—for example interface design for VR and AR, Internet of Things service applications and interaction design in the AI space. This part of the role is about identifying where these opportunities are and developing projects that help to establish knowledge within KD.

  • Being alert to digital creative, social, cultural, technology and business trends
  • Establishing pipeline for knowledge development projects and identifying avenues for valuable creative exploration
  • Writing and publishing insights, and speaking at conferences to showcase and share learnings

About KD

Kinneir Dufort (KD) is a leading User-Centred Innovation and Product Development Consultancy. We combine creative and technical skills, using design thinking and execution to humanise and add value to technology. We also have the experience and capability to deliver technically on creative ideas. We start by understanding user needs in order to ground ideas in the experiences we seek to deliver.

We are driven to collectively Design a Better World, by developing successful new products and experiences which achieve positive outcomes for the people we are designing for and generate value for our clients. We describe ourselves as a group of people focused on being open, smart, curious, pioneering, demonstrating respect and ensuring we have fun along the way.

Product development and innovation projects are changing. Across all sectors the benchmarks for experience are increasingly at the consumer technology level, with digital connectivity and data presentation and analysis becoming an as-standard expectation in almost all new projects. In addition to this, there are unexplored opportunities for brand new products and services that are made possible when physical products are connected to each other and users. At KD we’re keen to explore these areas with our clients in more detail and expand our existing digital capabilities internally.

If this sounds like a journey you’d like to be part of, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re a recruitment consultant, less so.

Please send covering letter and CV to [email protected] with KDHoD in the title.

Closing date for applications: Friday 7th December 2018.

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