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Reflecting on the Year of Engineering

We want to reflect on the Year of Engineering – celebrated in 2018.

In our latest edition of FOCUS, “Engineering Better Healthcare” we asked some of the KD engineering team to share what they love about their vocation and why they do what they do…

Mike Gray, Electronics Engineer

“For me, engineering is about creating new things that make the world a better place. I love the diversity; from submarines and satellites to the everyday inhaler, the same principles and practices are employed to overcome challenges of all shapes and sizes.”

Chris Jones, Senior Software Engineer

“My dad was a biochemist, and he spent all of his time doing blood work. I got interested in software/electronic control because I grew up seeing what he was doing and inherited his electronics.”

Ben Arlett, Head of Engineering

“I was drawn to engineering by the desire to create better products through a fundamental understanding of how things physically work.  What makes it more interesting is the interplay between different disciplines and the teamwork and creativity required to deliver truly breakthrough products.  All this provides a steady stream of fresh challenges.”

Rebecca Nelson, Senior Mechanical Engineer

“In the development of most products there will usually be that one point where you can see the theoretical being proved out by a physical rig; often after several iterations of development and sometimes failure. It would be hard for any other career to match the satisfaction of these moments and then, eventually seeing these products being used in the real world. Being able to influence products which will have a positive impact on people or sustainability is what drove me to become an engineer but enjoying the work itself is what convinces me it was the right choice.”

Josh Leddra, Design Engineer

“When I was at school, I remember seeing an electric wheelchair user struggling to negotiate the cobbled Bristol pavements. I couldn’t help but try to solve the problem in my head, but lacked the knowledge and experience of how to turn my idea into reality to actually help that individual, which was incredibly frustrating. This year I got the chance to do that by working on an advanced bionic prosthetic device, that allowed me to see first-hand how my engineering contribution improves people’s lives. Watching an amputee walking normally whilst wearing the device I have worked on is all the motivation I need to tackle bigger and harder projects.”

Marissa Gotsell, Graduate Design Engineer

“I always had a desire to pursue a career where creativity, design and problem-solving were at the forefront. Engineering provided the opportunity to fulfil my desire while shaping the world into a better place. From diagnostic devices to prosthetic limbs, we are the driving force that brings concepts to life.”

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