Are we ready to provide the drug delivery devices for the changes in the pharmaceutical industry?


Advances in technology for pens, auto-injectors, needle-free, pre-filled syringes and other parenteral methods, plus a regulatory updates on Human Factors are all on the agenda in London next week for the annual Management Forum Injectable Drug Delivery conference, March 8-9.

The pharmaceutical industry continues to face huge changes with the world’s largest selling drugs having switched from tablets to now being delivered by injection, infusion or inhaled – so are we ready to provide the most effective devices?

Chaired, for the fourth year in a row, by Kinneir Dufort’s Head of Medical Dr. Gregory Berman, this conference will discuss the state-of-the-art technology being applied in the parenteral field and will look at advances in compliance monitoring.

Joining the speakers this year Tony Bedford, Head of Medical Business Development, will share his insights on patch pumps and then look at the ten trends that suggest that large volume pumps will play a big part in future drug delivery.