Kinneir Dufort are asking "Just because its 'smart' doesn't make it clever?"


Joining multiple global brands and fellow experts in the design field, Kinneir Dufort’s Peter Fullagar will be at PD+I 2016 to discuss how Design Thinking is changing and being utilised by the industry for Product and Industrial Designs of the future.

Peter will be asking the question “Just because its “smart” doesn’t mean it’s clever?”

Following the boom in wearables and the much hyped Internet of Things, every product has the possibility of becoming “smarter”. These rapid advances in technology create new product opportunities for all businesses, but are these advances really creating better and more desirable experiences or are they just making life more complex?

What value can adding “smartness” bring to the user, product and the brands providing it?

Peter will discuss his experiences, sharing Kinneir Dufort’s recent work in harnessing smarter technologies to create real business value through design and innovation.

Also Peter will be joining Gadi Amit from NewDealDesign LLC for a one to one panel discuss about all things futures. 

Peter has worked in front end innovation for last 15 years developing big ideas that are inspired by new insights yet grounded within achievable technologies. Since 2011 he has headed up Kinneir Dufort’s innovation team, leading global innovation projects for the likes of Sony, Coca-cola and Unilever through to new start-ups.

If you wish to join Peter and the team from Kinneir Dufort on May 18th at PD+I 2016, we can offer 25% discount for entry by using the code RGR12513

Image: BookMK II, Rehabstudios