Kinneir Dufort Wins the Footprint Innovation in Packaging Award


We are delighted to announce that Kinneir Dufort has received the prestigious Innovation in Packaging Award at the Footprint 2017 Awards, in partnership with Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) for the design of the new “twist” water bottle.

Enabling the right balance of financial, social and environmental factors through design, Kinneir Dufort created this super lightweight sustainable water bottle for CCEP, which is now being used for the UK Abbey Well water bottle range as well as many of its international counterparts within the Coca Cola water brands portfolio.

Kinneir Dufort Twist Bottle

The new bottle design is 100% recyclable, with 28% less plastic than the previous design. As a result, the bottle requires less energy to make and transport than previously. With an innovative “arrow” design, the bottle itself encourages consumers to twist and compact the bottle when empty; therefore reducing environmental impact.

Not only does the bottle itself send a positive message to consumers, it also sends a message to competitors that new and innovative ways of packaging need to be developed. With sustainability high on the agenda for all businesses, Kinneir Dufort and CCEP have demonstrated how to make simple positive changes that resonate across industries and with consumers.  

 “We are delighted that the “Twist” bottle has been recognised in the Footprint awards, particularly as sustainability was the key objective of this project. The reduction in PET material weight is significant and the twist arrow motif, elevates the communication of recycling in consumers’ minds, encouraging positive behaviours”.  

Craig Wightman, Executive Design Director, Kinneir Dufort.



Since its inception in November 2010, Footprint Awards has been the barometer for sustainability and responsible business practice in the foodservice sector. Today, the pillars of sustainability and responsible business are accepted as clear principles in organisations up and down the supply chain, but the goal posts move constantly. What even five years ago was regarded as foresighted innovation is today regarded as the bare minimum and it is no surprise that it is the most successful businesses that have embraced the concept, changed behaviour, and are now leading the way towards a more sustainable and responsible industry.

Footprint Awards represents the annual celebration of the work that organisations in the foodservice industry and its supply chain are doing to in some way redress the balance for the benefit of themselves, their community and the industry at large. It is a celebration of initiative and innovation, of commercial imagination and endeavour that recognises those organisations leading the way.