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Mobile World Congress: KD Clients making waves

With over 100,000 visitors, Mobile World Congress continues to reinforce its position as a key showcase for new technology. Whilst its central focus remains mobile communications, there are a huge variety of technologies on show, from the biggest brands to the smallest of start-up innovators, there really is lots to discover & learn for all who walk its hectic halls. Working as Kinneir Dufort do, at the intersection of design, technology and experience, it’s a great place to come to be inspired and engage in conversations. In many ways, this year’s show created an impression of unfulfilled expectations, with only incremental product enhancement being showcased by the leading mobile tech companies, and a feeling that the next big thing is smartphones and mobile devices is still a little way around the corner.  Meanwhile, strides forward in new and enabling technologies were evident, with some exciting and notable product launches and announcements from KD clients…



“AirUnity” wins the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough Award

Providing an elegant solution to the issue of mobile coverage within large buildings, the AirUnity, or Magic Box, is the world’s first all-wireless small cell. Placed near a window, and plugged into a power unit, the cell requires no implementation, labour or rental costs, and improves data speeds by more than 200%. KD supported Airspan on the design and development of AirUnity and are delighted to see it recognised by being awarded Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough. Commenting on its success, the judges noted that the solution   “successfully addressed the small cell deployment issues around speed, ease and cost”.

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Seamless Voice Interface Innovations

Bristol-based voice technology specialists XMOS announced its VocalFusionTM Stereo Dev Kit for Amazon Alexa Voice Service.  Designed for integration into stereo TVs, soundbars and set-top box products, the devkit will fuel the development of voice control and interactions of a wide range of consumer electronic products.  Also being showcased is VocalSorceryTM an innovative audio signal separator that can spatially identify individual speakers or conversations within a crowded noisy audio environment to achieve optimised voice capture and input into speech recognition system – solving what is known as the “cocktail party problem” and providing the basis for enhanced teleconferencing and in-car phone calls.

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Edge Application Platform

2014 start-up, Virtuosys, provide cloud data solutions, providing a complete end-to-end hardware and software solution that brings performance computing close to the “edge” of the cloud. Their Edge Server and unified platform technology enables the deployment of seamless and effective, cloud-based environments.   Having worked closely with the Virtuosys engineering team on a fast track development programme, supporting on industrial design from concept through to manufacture, we’re excited to see the technology gain traction this week at MWC.

Virtuosys’ cloud certainly appears to have a bright silver lining


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