Tech That!


Thursday was a beautiful day in London and, as the sun rose over the city; our team ventured out with the few, keen, early morning commuters towards Silicon Roundabout. 

Craig Wightman, Director of Design and Paul Jennings, Head of Technology at Kinneir Dufort partnered with the Design Business Association (DBA) to share their advice and guidance with a varied and inquisitive crowd, keen to learn more about ‘leveraging technology for brands’. 

The audience, made up of brand managers, social media provocateurs and product and packaging design specialists, were joined by an online Periscope crowd tuning in from across the country. Everyone there knew whatever the future for the brands they managed, designed and supported, technology would play a transformational part. They needed to know how to identify where to start and by what means to maximize the potential that technology brings. 

Collectively, they were guided through the possibilities and pitfalls of technology for brands by the Kinneir Dufort team. They discussed the applications, opportunities and passing fads; what technology means, in real terms, to those who are asked to conceive, strengthen and extend todays brands. 

Kinneir Dufort is the ‘go to’ consultancy in this area, drawing on over 35 years’ brand experience combined with their dedicated Tech Squad of scientists, mathematicians and engineers.  Integrating expertise to realise that fine balance between brand, product and experience, Kinneir Dufort is adept at identifying and developing the relevant technology essential for achieving success. 

If you couldn’t join us in London or on Periscope, here are 3 of the key take-outs shared:


Just because you or a colleague have seen something, or heard of something, does not mean it is right, achievable or even real.  Time spent exploring what is really possible, available and functional in the tech space is a better investment than following a fad. Ask for advice, workshop where you can, and explore your real options for today and the future.  


To take an idea from conception to reality requires tangibility and real interaction, using prototyping to test and iterate.  Every product, design concept or vision is ultimately trailed before launch and insights gained through prototyping are priceless later on down the development line. Kinneir Dufort has its own “STEP” process that allows ideation to be transformed into rapidly produced prototypes. This enables innovation come to life, without the huge risk of expensive development programs.  Once in the hands of users, brand extension technology can really be put to the test. 


Use what is already available to you. Designers and brands are not responsible for inventing the future technologies, they are instead capable of maximising the potential of what is out there already.  Innovate, workshop, question and probe technology that is accessible now because it is the application of today’s technology, pushed to its full potential, that will cement the brand followers of tomorrow.

Application of technology already available is a far better use of resources then trying to create something new. The real innovation opportunities lie in discovering how to use what we already understand and harness this to maximum effect.  

The Kinneir Dufort team will be back on the road again soon helping design consultants, brand managers and R&D specialists to achieve their technology leverage potential.

If you want to speak to the team about helping you, or if you have any questions, then please contact Paul Jennings or Craig Wightman