Unilever and Kinneir Dufort create the world’s first automatic germ killing robot


Kinneir Dufort join global leaders’ Unilever on a journey into device design and customer centric innovation for the 'smarter home'.

The Atomizer is unique in that it has a ‘smart’ capability to clean the toilet.  The automated mechanism dispenses bleach under the rim of the bowl once the toilet lid is closed. The sensor and dosing mechanism inside the Atomizer makes it the world’s first automatic toilet germ killing device.

Devices are part of the movement towards the ‘smarter home’. With consumer’s lives becoming busier and with the increased reliance on technology in the home, Unilever are leveraging an opportunity to drive relevant innovation.

Kinnier Dufort's involvement was centred on encapsulating the essence of the brand through the design of the device.  The detailing focused around translating the brand into the lines and contours of the 3D structure, promoting power and its Herculean properties. Size optimisation was everything and working with manufacturing partners we created a design that embodies the power of Domestos whilst balancing that with a discreet a presence as possible.

In-home user testing confirmed market potential and the launch through Ocado dovetails perfectly with the target consumer and their use of online information platforms such as YouTube.  Now with the Atomizer on the ‘digital shelf’ and gaining momentum, it is time for brands such as Domestos,  to reach out and expand further into the world of customer centric innovation, which asks the question, what next?

To find out more about Kinneir Dufort's award winning work in device designs and innovation please contact Emily Dowling