Craig Wightman Kinneir Dufort

Our new year message

We applied a good deal of thought over the last year in defining our purpose.  One consequence is that it makes making New Year’s Resolutions very simple.  It also means our resolutions are not “new”, or limited to this year, because they are deeply engrained in our culture and ethos, and in the work we work we do with our clients.

We’re fortunate in having a great range of clients whose purpose reflects our own, so this year we’re looking forward to continuing to work with them in making medical devices safer, more usable, more appealing and more effective, in leveraging technology to enable new smart connected systems, in reducing waste by creating sustainable packaging solutions, and in a whole range of other exciting new challenges to design a better world.  And it’s not just about seeking to make a positive impact on the world, it’s also about creating business value for our clients and ourselves, because good design, delivered with clear purpose equals good business.

Here’s to 2019!


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