Award winning global super-lightweight Twist bottle

With sustainability a critical topic on all companies’ agendas, our latest award-winning design innovation addresses this head on. Working alongside Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), we created the new, global, super lightweight ‘twist’ bottle…

100% recyclable

28% less plastic (than the previous design)

Light weighting down to just 8g

The design of the bottle encompasses a subtle inclusion of minimal structural ribs, with one single design language applicable to both still and sparkling bottles, proving design efficiency. It is also designed to work with extremely lightweight preform, caps and punt technology, helping keep the manufacturing and production processes as green as possible; whilst rigid and firm enough to protect the contents.

Creating a global design required strategic and innovative thinking. Through in-depth research and iterative development of detailed geometries, we delivered the standout ‘Arrow’ features contouring the bottle. These reflect the globally recognised recycling logo, whilst guiding consumers on twisting the bottles after use to encourage recycling.

This design is applicable for up to 140 Coca-Cola water brands worldwide.

Big Wins

  • Less: plastic, energy, transport.
  • Increased supply chain efficiency.
  • Championing UK product development: designed in Bristol, sourced and manufactured in Morpeth, a ‘Designed in Britain’ stamp created by CCEP printed on the label.
  • Best in class design, winning a 2017 Footprint Sustainable Packaging Award.

Designed to encourage sustainable growth, this bottle supports CCEP’s environmental goals and increases cost efficiencies; enhancing brand image and paving the way for others to make positive changes!

Super lightweight water bottle