Cutting Edge Handheld Satellite Communications


Conceive, develop and deliver a military specification, rugged casework for cutting edge Satcom radio, to be deployed in harsh environments across the globe.

Qinetiq Satellite Radio

The KD Approach:

Concept Generation: Tasked to create cutting edge satellite communications radio casework for global market.

Engineering: Developing design through to readiness for manufacture and to meet strict regulatory and environmental requirements.

Rapid Prototyping: Using in house facilities for initial testing, de-risking and presentation to customers.

Manufacture: Supporting trials with high quality, small batch manufacture.

Qinetiq Satellite Radio


Creation of global Push-to-Talk communication

End-to-end secure encryption

Designed for discretion and engineered to operate in the planet’s harshest environments

The most robust, effective and reliable commercial Tactical Satellite handset on the market