Improving Lives of Asthma Sufferers


Develop Bosch Healthcare Solutions’ first ever medical device: to measure and monitor nitric oxide in the bronchias, for both clinical and home use.

Bosch Vivatmo Device


Contextual Inquiry: In depth research with patients in UK and Germany to gauge differences in behaviour

International Collaboration: Working closely with an international partner with regular trips and calls to achieve high levels of communication

HF Documentation: Provided documentation for usability engineering file, following both FDA and IEC 62366-1 requirements

UX Iteration: Establishing design through key user flows and potential new features for the device, whilst feeding in HF research, to ensure the final product is safe and usable for all users


Successful presentation at Medica 2016

Paving the way for the future of Bosch Healthcare Solutions

Demonstrates the importance and value of UX and HF in the design of medical devices


KD were very professional. There were lots of rounds of feedback; and of course, some fun! I found them very trustworthy too.”

Klaus Mueller, Product Manager at Bosch Healthcare Solutions

Bosch Vivatmo Device