Reducing infection within healthcare

It’s easy access means loading patients’ cabinets with medicines, a daily task for me, now takes 15 minutes rather than two hours.  

Sagal Hashi, University College London Hospital 

Bristol Maid’s Easy Clean range accumulated more than £2 million in turnover.

Infections such as MRSA kill around 5,000 people and cost the NHS £1bn a year, according to National Audit Office statistics. Working together with Bristol Maid we reinvented the traditional hospital bedside cabinet to reduce the risk of healthcare related infections: a cabinet with smooth wipe-clean polymers and continuous rotationally moulded form with no joints, junctions or sharp corners to harbour germs. The revolutionary design was selected as one of the winning teams in the Design Council and UK Department of Health’s ‘Design Bugs Out’ initiative and went on to win the Plastics Industry Industrial design award 2010.