Capturing Precious Family Moments

ChallengeDesigning and developing a fully functioning concept ‘MomentCam’, a two way wearable camera that would capture moments from both baby and parent for a new Huggies media campaign
Disciplines Design Electronics Prototyping
Brand Awareness

Designing a pair of wearable cameras, one ‘parent’ and one ‘child’ to enhance emotional connection that were aligned with and reflected the Huggies brand.

Industrial Design

Defining a 3D brand design language to be used for the camera units, in keeping with the softness of the Huggies brand.

Electronics Design

Implement a high-quality wearable camera, minimise power consumption so that the cameras can be worn all day without a huge battery pack and developing CAD models.

Prototype Manufacture

Functioning concepts delivered for use in less than four months.

Nearly 3 million views of the campaign video on YouTube
From initial concept to delivery of 6 sets in less than 4 months
High-quality wearable camera, minimised power consumption so no need for huge battery pack

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