Effective Fast-acting Smoking Cessation

ChallengeHaving developed a new liquid formulation for nicotine replacement therapy, the Nicorette team asked KD to create and develop a new spray delivery device achieving unmatched consumer appeal, efficacy and safety for people wishing to stop or reduce smoking
Disciplines Design Human Factors Prototyping
Revolutionary: the first ever spray dispenser of its kind
Sold globally across more than 20 markets
Achieved the highest sales for Nicorette second only to gum.

Combining multidisciplinary design expertise, integrating Human Factors and brand language whilst delivering on technical and manufacturing challenges.

Usability testing

Inclusion of an innovative, multi-step opening mechanism meeting rigorous child-resistance requirements whilst enabling senior friendly use.


Creation of an intuitive and easy to use pack design with strong appeal from user groups of people seeking to stop smoking.


Rigorous prototyping and testing; leading to the optimisation of technical performance.

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