Rethinking the Lightweight Water Bottle… With a Twist

ChallengeCreate a super lightweight plastic water bottle to be used across up to 140 water brands worldwide.
Disciplines Design Engineering Innovation Prototyping
Supporting CCEP’s environmental goals & increasing cost efficiencies
100% recyclable across bottle, label and cap
28% less plastic (than the previous design)
Best in class design, winning a 2017 Footprint Sustainable Packaging Award & 2018 Starpack Award
Innovative Concept Generation

Undertook a rapid ideation workshop to generate ideas for communicating sustainability, accounting for cultural and language barriers.


Designed a bottle to work within technical constraints of a super lightweight PET bottle, developing design guidelines for a roll out into further size variations & creating an iconic arrow impression encourage recycling behaviour.


Collaborating with design teams & external partners to refine & develop the bottle using minimal materials and carefully designed structures to maximise top load strength in distribution.

Twist bottle range

Rapid, iterative prototype testing for durability & feasibility of design, subsequently working with the bottling partner on-site to creatively iterate and solve manufacturing challenges to ensure design intent is adhered to.

Twisting the bottle for recycling

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