The World’s First Portable Skin Cancer Treatment

ChallengeAmbicare had identified an opportunity based on a clinical need for an ambulatory device for administration of local photodynamic therapy (PDT) for non-melanoma skin cancers. Ambicare asked KD to lead a device development program from concept creation through to manufacture of devices for clinical trials
Disciplines Design Engineering Prototyping Software & Electronics UI
Simple and intuitive to use
Greater efficiency with ability to increase patient throughput
Reduce PDT facility set-up costs
Adaptation of technology to Lustre, blue light acne treatment system providing additional product line and revenue streams
User Centred

Understanding of existing PDT therapies and translation to more convenient, cost-effective, home therapy system.

User Interface

Development of bespoke, simple, intuitive interface to guide patients safely through the treatment regime.

Design and Testing

Design of controller and light pads, developed to provide required light output whilst fitting with different treatment sites and maintaining safety in use.


Engineering development, component procurement and pilot prototype production of initial units for clinical trial.


Platform Technology

Adaptation of technology to Lustre blue light acne therapy system.

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